Slow days

I foun this snail here
Yup. Somedays I'm slow as a snail. And even second cup of coffee in the morning don't help much. And then morning blog post becomes night blog post. Slowly. And we have a winner. It's number 41, Linulis. Congratulations! Thank all of you so much for participation, I was so glad to read all 334 comments with so many beautiful dreams. Delightful!

Some days I feel so excited that I barely can sleep. And today is one of those days when I woke up even before 4 am being unbelievably excited about the bear I'm going to finish today, your awesome comments and dreams,  great guest which I'm having now and the one who will come soon, scenography project which is going on so nicely and couple of other projects which are sooooooooo exciting that they would be enough to keep me awake for many hours or many years even.

And there is one more thing which makes me very happy - this cute bear which I met one morning on the way to get wild strawberries yogurt for my perfect breakfast have already reached his new loving home in Germany. I hope that he will learn German soon and will find lots of new friends.