And the winner is..

Due to my poor hand in cast I used random generator instead of doing it in much cozier way by hand. The random generator says that the winner is number 2 - Heather. Congratulations!

May sale and giveaway

It's May sale in my Etsy shop, so if you wanted to buy something, it's a good time to do that. And giveaway here! I really feel mean about the last time when something was wrong with the commenting and giveaway was just unable to happen. Anyway I let it go to the one of beneficence events and hope that bracelet will make or made someone happy. Since commenting seems back to normal I am announcing another giveaway. To get in you just need to leave a comment until May 9 midnight, winner will be announced on May 10. Giveaway this time is this cute brooch 'Flying to the moon' :) Hope this time everything will go properly!

The book

One of a kind book for my good friend. It's the first time after my childhood when I made a book full of text and illustration thought the mind about making one of a kind books always fascinated me and was so persistent that I even made one .