It’s hard to live in this full of dangers world when you are just a little hand felted bunny, so I made bunny survival kit for each of them. Kit contains: carrots, bag for carrying carrots when going to the trip, sleeping bag and a scarf for cold winter mornings.

I was dreaming about making toys for children for a quite a long time. And finally they are here. Just as I dreamed: simple, but cute design, 100% natural materials(wool, cotton and flax) and many necessary things like sleeping bag which I miss in today's toys. And of course with a lot of love and hands warmth.


amal! said...

hello! just dropped by your blog.
brilliant works of yours!
made them yourself?


Two Hands Caricaturist said...

Very cute and nice artworks! Nice photos and blogging!

Rūta Elzė said...

Amal!, yup, I made them :)

Loreta said...

Mes pamilom juos iš pirmo žvilgsnio ir labai nooorim:) Gal gali man kainytes atsiųsti?:)

Anonymous said...

eina sau, visiškai nerealu... kokie gražuoliai su tokiom gražuolėm morkom ir kitais dalykais... kokia puiki sagė išeitų - kiškis su daiktais :D jei sėdėčiau darbe, tai nusisegčiau nuo drabužio, pažaisčiau kolegoms nematant, ir vėl prisisegčiau lyg niekur nieko :D

Rūta Elzė said...

aciu labai :)
Loreta, kainytes atsiusiu siandien vakare :)
Karina, ideja su segem laaaaaaabai gera :) as irgi megciau tokia turet :)