The book

Finally I remembered to order the book in which few my works have been featured. The book was published last spring, so I can believe how absent minded I am :) Thanks a lot, Sandra!

P.s. In this book my works are featured under my old name 'White sheep'.

Frosty morning

I just want to share few moments from last Friday morning. Frost is amazing! I wish I could spent more time observing it instead of hurrying to the drawing lessons.


It’s hard to live in this full of dangers world when you are just a little hand felted bunny, so I made bunny survival kit for each of them. Kit contains: carrots, bag for carrying carrots when going to the trip, sleeping bag and a scarf for cold winter mornings.

I was dreaming about making toys for children for a quite a long time. And finally they are here. Just as I dreamed: simple, but cute design, 100% natural materials(wool, cotton and flax) and many necessary things like sleeping bag which I miss in today's toys. And of course with a lot of love and hands warmth.